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Test Your Speed and Reflexes to Form Combinations of Colored Balls

By Christine Diaz

On Monday, May 5, 2014

Zuma Deluxe1.01 is a fun game and it is one of the most addicting arcade games I have ever played. The graphics are lovely, but the sound seemed quite odd for a game like this. Zuma has a fast paced gameplay that gets you hooked every time you play.

Playing Zuma is addictive. To play, you have to control a stone frog as he enters many temples, which varies according to the level you achieve. It is very easy and all you have to do is use the frog to fire colorful balls onto a moving line of balls. You must fire the right color of balls to match with other balls to form identical groups with the corresponding characteristics and get a high score.

While playing Zuma Deluxe1.01, you will have the chance of getting several "power ups" that will help you out in your shots and it will make your job easy. You will have to proceed through levels of increasing difficulty throughout the time to enjoy one of the best games of modern years and the best part is, it is suitable for all ages.


  • It’s a fast paced game
  • Playing this game keeps your mind alert and active


  • Playing multiplayer is not possible



The Cutest and Fun Adventure Puzzle Game You Will Ever Experienced

By Isay Almenanza

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zuma Deluxe is the new coolest match game created by PopCap. This puzzle match game is easy and very entertaining to play. A player must create a group of a minimum of three balls with the same color in order to explode them and make a score. A player can match up to more than five balls to make a higher score.

I can say that this game is fun to play. I love the design of the differently colored balls in it and the general atmosphere of the game. The music is good and very bouncy. The visuals are colorful and bright, too.

Zuma is one of the cutest puzzle adventure games I have ever played. I love the fact that it has a lot of excellent and brilliant features. The graphics are good which makes it very appealing not only to children, but to adults as well. It is a game for all ages.

Zuma can be played at some web sites and in other several platforms. It is available for Mac versions, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Two and Three. You must try this game. It is an attractive game that makes you play it again and again!


  • Excellent visuals, graphics and music tracks
  • It is easy to play and download


  • No difficult stage to set according to your skill level



If you love puzzles and adventure, this game is for you!

By Beatrice Tan

On Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zuma Deluxe takes you the adventures of a brave stone frog as it attempts to enter multiple challenging temples. There are currently more than 20 temples available. Be ready to test your speed and reflexes to form good combinations of colored stone balls.

The game is straight-forward. You’ll have shoot balls to make sets of three and just do it quickly or you’ll lose. While the game looks simple, it does have its unique challenges that will surprise you. One useful tip is to never underestimate the row of balls – they can move rather swiftly. Luckily, the game includes several “power-ups” that can help you accomplish your goals. Make good use of these power-ups as they can help you reduce the speed of the balls at a certain time period, or even assist you in improving your accuracy while aiming.

I would highly recommend this game for kids and kids at heart. It’s highly entertaining and contains all features necessary to make an interesting game – from 3D accelerated graphics to sophisticated effects.


  • Multiple levels of play with varying stages of difficulty
  • Graphics is quite excellent and pleasing to the eyes


  • Monotonous background music which makes it quite dull




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to play Zuma Deluxe against my wife's Version of the game. Why is the text too short? I don't need to tell you any more than that do I?

  • To play with because this is a cool game that can enjoy everybody even grand father, grandmother, father, mother, son daughter, little girl,

  • testing it so I can purchase the full version. my kids love it and they have been using a borrowed machine so I recently bought them a computer and wish to install this game.

  • develop my thinking ability,im going to play the game for leisure and mind development,,the game also develops acting speed as u have to compete with time

  • Entertainment,playing games,comparing scores with other mates,try as much as possible to reach the highest score of the game and equally to kill the boss

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used none of your programs before now. Therefore, i plead that this user be given the permission to used this zuma game.thank you alot frfe

  • i have never use any of the programs related to this. i would like to downlaod the stuff and continue enjoying it successfully since its time pushing for me..


  • A.I have not yet used any of these programs before. I am trying to see how it works, then I will be able to determine how good and fun this game is

  • No other similar programme. Guys i am very contented with this game. But if there is anyone better and captivating than this please keep me informed

What do you like most about this program?
  • of course, yes! Because I need that my children's minds be stimulated and sharp in terms of thinking, calculating , and brooding over matters everyday in their lives

  • its easy to operate and so far it hasnt disapointed me. i do not like the fact that i have to type this whole thing just to download but nopain no gain so i expect something great.

  • an interesting and addictive game which though time consuming if all levels are started from stage 1 and played with due care and successfully might be finished to stage 13 but nice

  • i like to get all the pleasure about this program and inform my friends to download it. Would you liked tgo help me? I am waiting for your answer.

  • Helps to concentrate, reduce depression and stress, my kids loves it, they don't go on streets when we have it. This game can keep me busy the whole day.


Zuma Deluxe is a match-3 game developed by PopCap. This puzzle adventure consists of forming groups of three or more balls in the same color to burst them, and this way you can stop them from reaching the skull in the middle of the game. In order to carry out this task, you have a little frog that launches balls of differing colors, and you have to aim the frog at similarly colored balls. The adventure has an Aztec theme that you can see once you download it to your PC. The name is derived from Montezuma, an Aztec leader, and the whole screen is decorated with Aztec motifs.

The name comes from Montezuma, an Aztec leader, and the whole screen is decorated with Aztec motifs

In addition, you have the advantage of some power-ups to help you in your task. These power-ups are activated by busting the bubble with the power-up symbol on it. The power ups include the Slow-Down Ball, which is able to slow the chain of balls for a limited period of time. The Backwards Ball pushes the chain backwards, the Explosion Ball burst all balls which are close, and the Accuracy Ball lets you perform quick shots and gives you an arrow that shows you exactly where you are aiming for better accuracy.

The main menu
The main menu


As mentioned above, in Zuma Deluxe you have to match three or more balls of the same color to explode them and thus, avoid the chain of different colored balls from reaching the skull. If a ball does reach the Skull, you will lose a life. Levels are completed once the player explodes all the balls in the chain. There is a bar that must be filled, and when you do so, then it's time to burst as many balls as you can to successfully complete the level.

Zuma Deluxe also has two different game modes, Adventure mode, which is the main one, and Gauntlet mode, that is more challenging. In Adventure mode, you have three lives at the beginning, but as you accumulate points, more lives will be given to you. There are several levels, divided into various types of temple. As you complete levels, more colors of balls will appear, starting from blue, yellow, red and green, to purple, white, etc. The Gauntlet mode is unlocked once you complete all the levels in the Adventure mode. In addition, you can come back to a completed level and beat your previous best score, or if you want, play it in endless mode, though when you play the endless mode, you must take into account that the speed and colors of the balls will gradually increase.

This frog will help you explode balls
This frog will help you explode balls

Zuma Deluxe 1.01 Features

Here you can see the unique features of Zuma Deluxe:

  • Two modes to enjoy: Gauntlet mode and Adventure mode (the main one)
  • Colorful graphics
  • More than 20 temples to play, divided in several levels
  • Power-ups to help you in your adventure: Slow-down ball, Reverse ball, Explosion ball and Accuracy ball
  • You can get bonuses to help you: Gaps, Chains, Combos or Ace Time

If you are interested in Zuma Deluxe and you want to know more information abut this PC game before you download it, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements needed to successfully download Zuma Deluxe to you PC are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 98 or later versions
  • Processor: Intel Pentium II @ 350 MHz
  • RAM Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: 16Bit
  • Sound Card compatible with DirectX 7
  • Hard Drive Space: 30 MB free available