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Plants vs Zombies 2 5.2.1

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The zombies are back and they are still hungry for brains!

By Ellie Teller

On Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a tower defense videogame, the sequel to the world famous Plants vs Zombies. Basically, the formula stays the same, but the developers added some extra content to extend the life of the product and make it look fresh. You can now use a vast array of platns to defend yourself against zombies through four new maps that include The Ancient Egypt, the Pirate Seas, the Wild West and the Future Age.

The goal remains the same as in the first game: don´t let the zombies get pass through your defenses and reach the left side of the screen. To do so you can count on different plants that have different roles. The sunflowers produce energy to create more plants, the wallnuts block the zombies for a long time… This time there are new mechanics such as moving mine carts that you can rearrange to cover different lanes or powered tiles that will trigger together if they share the same color.


  • Loads of different levels through four themed worlds
  • New mechanics such as mine carts or power tiles


  • It’s basically the same as the first game, nothing really innovative
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fight as a plane or as a zombie and increase your defend skills

By Mark Peter

On Monday, November 30, 2015

this is the second release plants vs zombies it has been added some new features compared to the first release and also in addition to that the graohics have been improved at all.For me i choose to fight as a plant and take on the zombies and i found out that there was some plant food i was charged a little bit and then i was able to gather some armies from my side and trash the zombies quite well i was just super entertained by that so i think i have been adicted by this game cause i keep on playing it over and over again i cant do without it.There are some power ups that were available for me and by that you can also get to earn some money that you can use the money to buy more plants or zombies depending on which side that you choose to play with.It entertained a lot and gave me some good gaming skills which i do not think that i would have gotten it somewhere else.


  • it gave me some good entertainment
  • i represented the zombies quite well i suppose


  • i am hooked up to the game i must confess
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Plants Vs Zombies 2: It's about time. The Final Review.

By Clara Sanchez

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The game has practically the same interface that the first edition. You will find the typical levels, at which we place our plants in the squares on the board to stop the advance of dozens of zombies that come from the opposite side of the board. You have to start by planting sunflowers, cause you need a higher number units of sunlight. The game will provide you with suns, but the fastest way to seed different plants is trough the sunflowers. If a zombie eats all your plants and reach your safe area, you will have a lawnmower for each line. The bad thing is, the lawnmower is a single use.

There is a big change, two different types of power-ups, enhances and nutrients. The enhancers are divided into three categories, we can cut off the zombies heads in the air, or blow them out of the map or burn them by electric shocks. These enhancers spend a significant amount of coins, but you can get more coins as you play.

The nutrients, serve to increase the power of a plant for a few seconds to reduce a giant horde of zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 has a gameplay easy to learn but difficult to master. Achieve one hundred percent is more complicated in this sequel due to a significantly higher overall difficulty.


  • The treasure yeti is so useful, cause it gives you presents
  • The future plants help to pass some levels
  • The piñata's party is so fun


  • You have to pay for the best plants
  • The samurai world is only available in China
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For my entertainment and fun so that if I'm bored I have something to play on especially on weekends and no classes because im a student hrhr

  • I want to use the program as a simple recreational activity at home whenever i feel bored. I have this program in my cellphone but it lacks excitement because the screen is too small.

  • fun and recreation love this game very much thanks for the download you are exellent you must make more games like this i am realy going to enjoy

  • I will be playing Plants vs Zombies during my spare time.Many of my classmates enjoys playing it and is somehow very addicting.Thumbs up to those who shares the downloadable file.:)

  • I plamn on using it for fun! Ive tried the first game and I loved that one alot...hope this is good too. I guess Ill find out real soon. Wish me luck!

What similar programs have you used?
  • The First Plants vs Zombies i am still using it until now i hope plants vs zombie 2 will also work in my Personal Computer without any errors

  • here are my some similar programs like games, microsoft word, excel, power point, publisher, applications related to computer and antiviruses

  • Plants vs Zombies the original - I don't think there's been a predecessor that's been similar unless you count stuff like turn based strategy on a tiled field such as FF

  • my similar program have I usud is facebook, twitter,google,instagram,and internet it is used to known other people live andbpost to carry their life

  • plants vs Zombies 1 for more than two years in the past. It is a very good experience when playing the old version. I want to have a try with this new one to see that it can be. Thanks.

What do you like most about this program?
  • What I Like most about this game is the mental stimulation. It is fully activating my visual cortex as well as many other parts of my brain

  • enjoying fun addicting i want to play this every day every time i wake up the stage level is more challenging than the previous plants vs zombies game


  • It's challenging and strategic, and i also have a lot of fun playing it! I'm so glad that they created another version because I defeated the first game!

  • The amazing story line and its strategic type of twist And I LOVE THE FUKIN OLD VERSION OF THIS AWESOME GAME THATS WHY I WANT TO PLAY IT OKAY


Plants vs Zombies 2 is a tower defense game developed by PopCap Games in which you have to defend yourself against hordes of funny zombies. This is the second release of the series, available to download for Android and iOS systems. It includes many novelties, such as four new territories and a wider range of plants and zombies to choose from. Undoubtedly, this title is one of those games with enough detail that makes users adore playing, together with its intuition for touchscreen devices. With clearer graphics compared to the original release, this title offers a new level of excitement with three new worlds to play.

This game is particularly recommended for those users who want to test their coordination, defense skills and resource management while playing. However, some people have criticized the fact that this version does not have a mini-game section as the previous PvZ had. Otherwise, you can still play those games if you fulfill additional missions and solve brain-teasing challenges found on various levels.

As an analogy, the game style was planted as a seed with the first version, but right now it has bloomed, offering a bigger variety than before. Far from the usual garden, you will travel around in time and space, visiting Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, the Pirates Seas and the Far Future. All these worlds have their unique characteristics as well as different kinds of zombies that will challenge your strategy skills.


This second action-strategy release presents not particularly different gameplay from the original Plants vs Zombies. You will have several seeds that you will pay for with suns that are generated automatically, or thanks to the sun-producing sunflowers you planted. Each zombie-zapping plant has its function, and there are different roles such as defense, attack or support. In order to overcome all the stages of the game, you will have to master the strategies behind the simplistic gameplay, which means choosing which plant would be better for different situations.

Despite it being a free-to-play app, but if you want to take some shortcuts to complete the title, you can purchase in-app credits for them, but we can tell safely tell you that Plants vs Zombies 2 is better if you take the free route and decide to fulfill all the stages, obtaining keys to open new paths and worlds as you go along. This way you can explore the secrets of the different worlds that await you.

Plants vs Zombies 2 5.2.1 Features

The unique features of Plants vs Zombies 2 are the following:

  • Enjoy the action-strategy genre for touchscreens in new territories like the Wild West, the Far Future, the Icebound Battleground, Tiki Torch-er or the popular Pirate Seas
  • Get the classic Peashooter, Pea-nut, Bonk Choy, Pepper-pult and more incredible plants
  • Ability to get extra income through new bonuses and power-ups
  • Characters are occasionally granted with super powers to help them survive against unexpected menaces
  • Be able to defeat waves of zombies in the cracking vasebreaker mini-game using X-ray vase vision, Butterizer and more
  • Opportunity to complement the experience by buying levels, zombies or plants online
  • Widened variety of zombies and plants to choose, including the Cowboy, the troglobite, the Bull Rider, the Disco-tron 3000 or the Mummy for the zombies, and the Bloomerang, the Citron and the SnapDragon for the plants
  • Fight against the ultra-challenging bosses from the different ages such as the Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC and other diabolical inventions from the zombies
  • Plant Food helps to supercharge and enhance plants’ skills and abilities, as well as helping to amass a great plant army
  • Title available for mobile systems like iOS and Android for playing it in your favorite mobile devices

If you want to know about the game's characteristics before you download it, feel free to visit the

World map selection window
World map selection window

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play Plants vs Zombies 2 are:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread or further (armv7 1 GHz processor minimum)
  • Internet connection is required