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Adobe strikes back with its Photoshop image editor for PC

By Jane Middleburg

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, finally I tried Adobe Photoshop CS6, and it is really difficult. It took me a while until I really get how it works. As you can guess, this was the first time I tried a Photoshop program, and it is not intuitive for first-timers at all. I checked several tutorials I found over the Internet until I started to understand how CS6 works, and then it really started to shine. I’m no good at all at image designing but with enough patience I could modify some pictures to make them look good for my friends, and even simple improvements such as color issues and fixing some blurry effects from my camera.

I read about the video-editing mode and decided to try it out, but this mode is not as well-designed as the image part. In general terms, it does not run very well on my computer since it is not very recent, but for I have seen on video tutorials I need a more powerful video card to apply effects in a more decent way. As a summary, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a good program, but it requires a powerful computer for running it properly instead of having to wait until the effects you have chosen reflects on the image.


  • Powerful effects that will change completely your pictures
  • Several tools for image enhancement
  • Also compatible with video editing
  • Get automatically the photos you made with your digital camera


  • It requires a great computer to work
  • Not so easy for beginners
  • Some tools are not very intuitive
  • It needs some previous knowledge




By Jackson Muoka

On Friday, June 5, 2015

If you are a professional video and photo editor this is a wonderful tool that you need to have. It will not just make your work easier but even more presentable and smarter. Developed by Adobe this app is available both for PCs and Mac. Unlike previous version of the Adobe Photoshop this app comes with re-imagined tools and a more improved interface and a new Graphic Engine to ensure faster and speedy working.

Other advancements include, the Adobe Mercury Graphic Engine for making editing faster .additionally it also comes with an auto recovery options and new background save feature to make photo editing more also has a crop tool to easily change the size and shape of the images as well as a Content Aware move tool to allow users extend and move elements.

This wonderful tool can also be used to edit videos as well as export videos from different sources and this is powered by the Adobe Media Encoder. The blur filters is used to remove any blurriness and undesired elements in the photos


  • • Very fast and easy to edit photos.
  • • Comes with tutorials for beginners.
  • • Can edit both photos and videos in different form


  • • Require quite a substantial amount of space to install.
  • • Very complicated for beginner and the tutorials don’t offer enough training.
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Image Editor Gets an Overhaul to Highlight Its Capabilities and New Features

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It is hard not to notice the changes that have been incorporated into the Adobe Photoshop CS6. At first glance, its colorful revamped user interface will definitely catch your attention. Digging deeper, it has the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, Content Aware tool, video editing, Blur Gallery (yes, a gallery full of blurring options!), and the Bridge browser. Let us take a look at these new features.

Adobe’s Mercury Graphics Engine is a gift to designers and artists. When I work with Photoshop, loading takes up a lot of time, and thus reduces my productivity. With the new graphics engine, work is amazingly faster. This unparalleled speed gives the software more power. With more creative options and imaging magic, speed and power is a major plus.

To produce more creative options and imaging magic, Photoshop CS6 now features the new Content Aware tool and a gallery full of blurring options. I was able to produce superior designs and videos. It also features a new Crop tool which enabled me to move objects I edit without readjusting my background.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 also features the enhanced Bridge file browser. It is a very powerful library management system where I can manage and sort photos, images, and videos. It has a thumbnail preview for faster organizing task. All these features integrated into a single photo, video and image-editing software, makes Photoshop number one to expert artists and beginners alike.


  • Features new tools to improve photo-editing
  • Has a highly-dependable library management system


  • Demands powerful system requirements to run
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm going to use it for editing my personal photos to make them look better and probably create geofilters for my city un snapchat, really helpful tool.

  • editing photos and making you tube banners so that my channel looks attractive and so i have an amazing banner people will subscribw to me..

  • for practicing the soft ware so that it sould be very use ful for me in building up my carrerr in the fiedlof animation and designing thanku

  • to study and upgrade my career in information Technology and through this find away of getting an income by use of the program hence helpful

  • for making league of legends pictures wallpapers and editing some pictures that i like ok now let me download it so remove this wtf i cant w

What similar programs have you used?
  • Programs that are already used Photosape movie maker photoshop 7.0 ME and paint Microsoft word 2010 and point i have all this programs but p

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  • actually this is the first program that i had used except for the adobe reader since i usally don't use it cause i do not have enough pdfs with me

  • avs photo editor.inpaint.picasa.and thank you so much foe this great program and that is all for now fox thanks again any way now good bye h

  • Arduino is the best easiest and simple program and i used for various of my project including final year projects. moreover, it is very reliable

What do you like most about this program?
  • I really love all the different features and tools that I can do with the program to make my drawings look a tons lot better and beautiful.

  • Makes a designer's presentation appear real,bring clarification on the work,once stitched images are produced, no one can tell what happened

  • Its one of the best photo editors out there and im just filling this stuff up with random things so i get all of the chars m8 only about 5 left ayy

  • the ability to design pictures, collages, photos. anything!! it makes my mind go to the most creative places out of them all. purely amazing

  • Cuz I like make a very interesting and absolutly, incredible pictures whit me and my friends, or family, brother, sisther, mother and father


Adobe Photoshop CS6 is photo-editing software developed by Adobe. This program is available for both Windows PC and Mac. Although Photoshop is designed for professional work, it can also be used to fix your images even if you've never used this kind of program before. New users can perform simple adjustments to their photos, while other more complex tasks may require some tutorials first. However, practice can be more useful than tutorials, so we strongly recommend that you spend a couple of hours experimenting to improve your outcomes, instead of just watching video tutorials on the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 offers re-imagined tools, interface improvements and a new graphics engine that works faster than ever

This CS6 version brings powerful improvements and new tools to improve your editing. The program uses the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, which makes your work go faster than ever, regardless of whether you work with Mac or Windows. It also has Auto-Recovery options and a new Background Save feature. It also offers re-imagined tools and some new ones. For instance, the Crop tool allows you to easily change the shape or size of your images, and the Content-Aware Move tool allows you to move or extend elements in order to change your composition. New Blur Gallery filters allow you to create custom blurs such as tilt-shift blur, field blur, or iris blur.

Additionally, Adobe Photoshop CS6 allows you to edit video files, although it doesn't have the complex tools of other specialized video-editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Its new Adobe Media Encoder allows you to export your videos by choosing from a wide range of presets. Popular formats such as MPEG4 or H.264 are included.

How to Use

Adobe Photoshop CS6 keeps the same intuitive interface as in previous versions. Its workflow has been improved, but it is still layer-based. Filters, effects and preferences are located in a toolbar right above the canvas. The right-hand section shows the layers or channels and other layer adjustment options such as curves and color balance, as well as other minor adjustments such as blending modes or opacity. You can manage your videos using the new Video Groups feature in the layers panel. This automatically holds your clips to make things easier when you edit different parts of a video. The left-hand toolbar displays every tool you need in order to fix an image, such as brushes, erasers, magic wand, stamps, etc.

This software can be used for loads of different purposes: you are free to change the brightness of a photo, fix red eyes, or remove some undesirable element in the background. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Photoshop can be used to generate stunning digital artworks using custom brushes, shapes, cropping tools and filters as well as to modify supported images.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features

Check the features of this program before you download it:

  • Compatible with Adobe Touch Apps and files from previous standard editions such as CS3, CS4 and CS5
  • Camera RAW 7: take advantage of this powerful plug-in and control the quality of your photos using Raw files
  • Mercury Graphics Engine: work on your images faster than ever with this new graphics engine
  • Video-editing features: edit your videos as you do with photos and export them using popular formats such as H.264 or MPEG4
  • Expanded and re-imagined tools: try the new crop tools, content-aware tools, blur tools and many more
  • Download new assets and templates for quick productivity and additional retouching functionality for the users
  • Advanced and faster 3D image edition motor improving the system’s performance with excellent precision to apply

If you are interested in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and need further information before you get the installer, feel free to check the official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system components required to download and run this program are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP 32-bit or 64-bit or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent
  • Graphic Card: OpenGL 2.0 support
  • Memory: 1GB RAM or higher
  • Hard disk: 1 GB free space available