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Nero StartSmart 15.0.03500

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The best and most reliable software when it comes in ripping, copying and burning of video and audio content.

By Eve Naliaka

On Friday, March 6, 2015


This is a program that offers the best services when it comes to burning, ripping and copying audio, video and data CDs and DVDs. It gives quick and fast access to Nero software application. This program is not much different from the previous edition only that it has enhanced and new features.

The interface has been improved such that options of all categories are displayed clearly to offer fast accessibility. It allows you to use most of the Nero tools without downloading separately.

With this program you are able to control all Nero software application from one platform, create labels or covers, burn and rip multimedia CDs and DVDs, you can be also manage your internet services and media content among many other

The presence of add or remove allows the use to customize the start screen with the frequent used suite this gives faster access to all categories. When it comes to data burning this software allows you to customize the process speed from minimum to maximum and safe mode, it ensures that you are safe from malware.

In case you want to download and run the software, you need to consider the following requirements: above 256 MB RAM memory, windows 2000 or further, processor AMD equivalent and enough Hard disk space of 1 GB


  • Offers easy and fast accessibility to all software categories
  • Ensures safety against malware when burning data


  • Needs high memory for you to download
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It Gives You Control of All Nero Software with Just One Click

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nero StartSmart is a command center program that gives you control for a collection of Nero programs. It enables you to burn, rip and copy video, audio or data CDs and DVDs. It can effortlessly do all these functions single-handedly without redirecting you to a specific program.

Nero StartSmart does a good job in making my work straightforward in launching specific programs in the latest collection of Nero apps. This program is efficiently redesigned. I can easily choose what tools I want to use. I can generate a backup of all my multimedia files and recovery disks.

I can also monitor if there are some updates or download of the tools. It has a clear launch pad that lets me discover for the ideal software immediately. This program lets you accomplish your task in a simple process. StartSmart is a suitable way to fulfill your data converting tasks. I think that this software will not fail you. Nero StartSmart is a must have.


  • It burns and rips data
  • Many tools to choose from


  • It is only a trial version
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With Its New Redesigned Interface, Startsmart Is Now Ready To Make Your Task Easy

By Rose Sincro

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It is so hard for all users to use any software suite that has no launcher. Thanks for making this Nero StartSmart because now I can easily finish my work without having stress. Now I can say that using this software can support you a lot in order to complete your task in a short period.

I am thankful for having this Nero StartSmart software because it is very flexible to use. You can customize your shortcuts for most used applications and configuring your entire project is not a problem anymore. It is also well categorized.

I know that using Nero StartSmart is one of the most brilliant ways to do our work without exerting more effort and I am sure that everyone will like it as well. This software is very flexible for us to use because it can assist us to do projects in a very simple way. Our task will not be complicated anymore by using this software that offers with a lot of its new features.


  • Allow users to use any Nero application
  • It has a feature that offers you a quick job


  • Unable to use Cancel function during copying a disc
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • make copies of home dvds of familily momenst taped during different vacations taken since the year 2008 forward with my personal camera recorded

  • powerpoint presentation and make my asignment and then burn the files in a blank cd and give it to dimple maam any more questions fuckeer

  • Burning photos and videos on dvd and cd in order to use them later ,nero is the best way to download documents and all types of materials ok


  • burn my project, to save my lifr, yo journey the next level, i really need to doanwload and install this software, because it is important to me

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not used any similar program yet. this is the first ever program i am using that is nero startsmart and hope it fulfils al my requirements

  • i never used any program without nero smart burn.but now i need to download because my computer got a virus made my com error and i go reinstall window.

  • yes we have used many programme but we want to use best software and its seems good one so tofay i decided to downlaod it. i am sure it will b

  • nothing used smillar to this program.i want to useit for making my best memories in dvd .so that i can easily be able to acces my data photos vedios etc.

  • its a very good software for use any data like vedio photo songs image anythig we can wright and safe it in to the dvd evry people like this

What do you like most about this program?
  • i dont really know the program very well i just want to try to see if that works for my necessities because i have problems playing my music

  • What I like about the programme is that it allows me to back up my files and at the same time write audio files which need to be re-recorded.

  • yes i want the best of this program ve to listen in my knew car and please dont change your resolve rsion becouse i want to burn cd music on disc

  • This software is very easy to use. It is fast and convinient. I always prefer to use Nero Startsmart than other similar softwares in the market.

  • everything i like about nero startsmart is there: burning of cd's dvd's and a lot more. I hope it will work this time correctly and do its tasks


Nero StartSmart is a “command center” application developed by Nero AG. This software boxes in each main application of Nero Suite, and you can use it for DVD burning, CD audio ripping, data disc burning, etc. Using a software suite without including a launchpad can be difficult; this is why Nero Startsmart comes in handy when you have to choose from the vast array of tools offered by Nero.

One of the best things about this version is that its interface has been redesigned, displaying all the options in a much clearer way. The main concept of this software still remains, and the launchpad seen in previous editions is there for you to move to any application you want. Additionally, access to applications depends on your current project. Tabs at the top of the interface display all the categories supported by Nero Suite such as Rip, Create and Edit, Back Up, Home Entertainment, etc.

All in One

This version of Nero StartSmart provides access to the popular Nero applications, but also offers some new additions such as the Add/Remove option (lower-right corner). This will help you bring the most-used Nero applications closer. You are free to select the applications you want to be displayed, and these will be automatically added. Nero StartSmart helps you to avoid wasting time searching for what you need, even inside its own launchpad. The configuration process for this program is easy as it doesn’t require much work. You can access the menu and tweak the settings to customize different parameters related to audio ripping, disc copying or newsfeed.

Nero StartSmart provides access to the popular Nero applications

Data burning is one of the most-used tasks for Nero StartSmart. It can be completed without redirecting you to the specific program in the suite. You don’t have to follow complex steps to complete the job: just click on Add and select the files you need to burn. The rest of the procedure consists of little details such as naming the file or creating new folders on the disc. To do the same thing for audio, you have to choose from different modes such as MP3 Jukebox Disc or Audio CD. Regardless of your choice, the process will be as quick and easy as the one outlined above.

Nero StartSmart 15.0.03500 Features

Check out the features of Nero StartSmart before you download it:

  • Control the whole Nero suite using this application
  • Burn data discs, DVDs or audio CDs easily without using the specific application for it
  • Create your own covers or labels for your CDs and DVDs
  • Manage Internet services and media TV content
  • Nero StartSmart supports creation of backup and data-recovery discs

If you are interested in Nero StartSmart and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developers’ official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this program are:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB or higher
  • Hard disk: 1 GB free space available