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Nero StartSmart 15.0.03500

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All in media application at the end of your finger tips

By Maria Bernabe

On Monday, May 19, 2014

This all in media app is perfectly improved, a command center application, and allows me to perform tasks in an uncomplicated way. Simply select and then it will automatically start the program. Aside from this, I can also choose my preferred language and check for new software application updates via online.

From this all in media program, I can rip and burn CDs, DVDs, etc. With the newly improved interface, icons are now more accessible which depends on the tasks I choose.

Everything can be seen initially at the home page to start this all in media app. At the left panel of the page, the subprograms of this application are placed. Other than that, it also provides back up and restoration feature.

Bottom line, this all in media application will be very helpful to access the media apps on a single program. It also creates back up and data recovery disks of all my multimedia files.


  • Allows you to control all apps of this program
  • Burning and ripping data on DVD or cd is very simple and easy


  • Cancel button is disabled during disc copying
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By Rock Raymond

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This is an application which was developed by the Nero AG and there main focus was to improve on the work such as the DVD burning,CD audio ripping and the data disc burning.The Nero start smart come in handy when you are choosing from the vast array of the tools offered by Nero since it is so difficult for you to use a software suite when you have not included the launchpad.The interface of this version ha been improved since you can see the displays now more clearly but it has the same concept to the previous one so you do not have to worry on the data contained in this new version.What I sees now good with this version is that whenever you wants to access the application,this now will depend on the project that you are currently working on and the tabs at the top of the interface displays all the categories supported by Nero Suite.

There is the Add/Remove option which helps you to bring the most used nero application closer and you are also free to select the applications you wants to be displayed and this work is automatic so that means that it will be automatically added.The most work of this application is to burn the data since it is a simple work and all that you have yo do is to click on Add and select the files you need to burn and the task left is so easy such as to name the file and other small details.If you want to burn other things like audio,it is so simple since the only difference is that you have to choose from a different modes such as the Audio CD and the rest is just all mentioned above.


  • This application can help you to control the whole Nero Suite.
  • You can also manage internet services and media TV contents.
  • It is so easy to create your own covers with this application.


  • This application cannot operate with a RAM less than 256MB.
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It Gives You Control of All Nero Software with Just One Click

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nero StartSmart is a command center program that gives you control for a collection of Nero programs. It enables you to burn, rip and copy video, audio or data CDs and DVDs. It can effortlessly do all these functions single-handedly without redirecting you to a specific program.

Nero StartSmart does a good job in making my work straightforward in launching specific programs in the latest collection of Nero apps. This program is efficiently redesigned. I can easily choose what tools I want to use. I can generate a backup of all my multimedia files and recovery disks.

I can also monitor if there are some updates or download of the tools. It has a clear launch pad that lets me discover for the ideal software immediately. This program lets you accomplish your task in a simple process. StartSmart is a suitable way to fulfill your data converting tasks. I think that this software will not fail you. Nero StartSmart is a must have.


  • It burns and rips data
  • Many tools to choose from


  • It is only a trial version
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • video editing of my personal stuffs lie birthday parties , meeting with entertaining people and i also want to collect my pictures in a video format with mp3 music playing behind it


  • I am planning to burn an artist compilation CD for inclusion in the magazine company that I work for which helps artists get more exposure for their music.

  • IM going to be burning cds dvds...but mostly movies and songs you are geting ion my nerves now oh my freaking god how is this too short of an

  • I would like to use the programme for backing up all my photos onto cd and making data cds. I had the program a long time ago and really enjoyed it.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Como usar Nero StartSmart Essentials para hacer un DVD de videos de youtube and i love you so much. every things that i complete are lost one

  • I have earlier used Nero Start Smart 10 when I found it very user friendly and easy. So this time too I want to use Nero. Though I donot understand the character number

  • all the programs i had used i wanna burn my cd with a presentation so that i download nero startsmart.By this Software My work is become easy

  • i have not used any similar program yet. this is the first ever program i am using that is nero startsmart and hope it fulfils al my requirements

  • None as of now. I am choosing this program because this is very reliable. easy to use and can do so many things that are very essential today

What do you like most about this program?
  • keeping files without damage. also it is a magical device with burns everything we givethis is a very helpful file for everyone in the world

  • make my own video by mix a lot of music video of superstars like chris brown and justin bieber so that for reasons i chose this programe to make it

  • It is easy to learn about this program and the same time you are earning money. That will surely fulfill your needs and can be use in daily living.

  • i like to write about cd or dvd too much and now i have little problem my old program this is the reason why i want to download a new one use

  • yes i want the best of this program ve to listen in my knew car and please dont change your resolve rsion becouse i want to burn cd music on disc


Nero StartSmart is a “command center” application developed by Nero AG. This software boxes in each main application of Nero Suite, and you can use it for DVD burning, CD audio ripping, data disc burning, etc. Using a software suite without including a launchpad can be difficult; this is why Nero Startsmart comes in handy when you have to choose from the vast array of tools offered by Nero.

One of the best things about this version is that its interface has been redesigned, displaying all the options in a much clearer way. The main concept of this software still remains, and the launchpad seen in previous editions is there for you to move to any application you want. Additionally, access to applications depends on your current project. Tabs at the top of the interface display all the categories supported by Nero Suite such as Rip, Create and Edit, Back Up, Home Entertainment, etc.

All in One

This version of Nero StartSmart provides access to the popular Nero applications, but also offers some new additions such as the Add/Remove option (lower-right corner). This will help you bring the most-used Nero applications closer. You are free to select the applications you want to be displayed, and these will be automatically added. Nero StartSmart helps you to avoid wasting time searching for what you need, even inside its own launchpad. The configuration process for this program is easy as it doesn’t require much work. You can access the menu and tweak the settings to customize different parameters related to audio ripping, disc copying or newsfeed.

Nero StartSmart provides access to the popular Nero applications

Data burning is one of the most-used tasks for Nero StartSmart. It can be completed without redirecting you to the specific program in the suite. You don’t have to follow complex steps to complete the job: just click on Add and select the files you need to burn. The rest of the procedure consists of little details such as naming the file or creating new folders on the disc. To do the same thing for audio, you have to choose from different modes such as MP3 Jukebox Disc or Audio CD. Regardless of your choice, the process will be as quick and easy as the one outlined above.

Nero StartSmart 15.0.03500 Features

Check out the features of Nero StartSmart before you download it:

  • Control the whole Nero suite using this application
  • Burn data discs, DVDs or audio CDs easily without using the specific application for it
  • Create your own covers or labels for your CDs and DVDs
  • Manage Internet services and media TV content
  • Nero StartSmart supports creation of backup and data-recovery discs

If you are interested in Nero StartSmart and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developers’ official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this program are:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB or higher
  • Hard disk: 1 GB free space available