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By Adrian Okinda

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

The internet has played and will continue to play a major role in our current lifestyles and increase in internet applications has made life easier and more fun.

Facebook is an online social chat platform that enables users to get in touch with each other from all parts of the world. With this app you won’t miss any of the juicy stories or trending topics happening all over the world. Users share vital information as well as fun stories therefore you get to know what is happening as events occur.

This app is so popular as it has over a billion users worldwide. Users can not only share texts but can also share pictures by a simple click of a button. You can take a picture with your mobile device or high end smartphone and just upload it for your family and friends to see. They can then comment or like on your pictures. Any updates or new messages are notified to the user immediately.

I find this app so easy to use and fun too. Once you start chatting you won’t even realize how fast time goes by as it is simply addictive.

You can use Facebook for everyone as long as you have Android, IOS, Windows operating system and an internet connection.

Verdict: Facebook for everyone is a nice, easy to use and a fun application.


  • Easy to download and use
  • User interface is easy to understand


  • Easily addictive to a lot of peaple
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have and access facebook from any phone that you have so long as it can access the internet

By Faith Mwari

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

facebook is a website which every phone should have. it is a very interested website because you interact with people all over the world. in facebook you are able to communicate with your friends regardless where they are in the world. you are also able to see their photo and even their activities. In facebook you can meet with people and probably you have common goals. People meet in facebook and even get married there. People exchange ideas in every aspect, business, social and even economic. Many people enjoy being in facebook because it is interesting communicating with someone overseas like if you are one on one. Many people post pictures on facebook sometimes which are very informative, educative and even to give warning on varies things. People pass information or a message in facebook and within a very short time the message has reached everybody in the world


facebook has its own unique features which are attractive and very beautiful. Everyone enjoys those features because they are easy to operate and very friendly to work on. Its features are modified quite often to make the website look very friendly and commendable.


you can now have facebook on your phone despite the type of mobile device that you have.


  • It is less expensive to use
  • it connects you to the whole world


  • it can make your enemies destroy your reputation
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Get Quick Chat and Also Upload Photos With Facebook For Every Phone

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, August 4, 2014

This is an application for all mobile devices that connect to internet.

It can easily be downloaded and installed to the mobile. While on-net in the facebook the app gives you faster results and you can also download the latest version in case you are using the old one for faster results.

I am sure more mobile users are joining facebook for every phone each month and each year for faster and better results.

Facebook for every phone advances the mobile so the user can even upload photos with even the old advanced phones. It is undoubtedly very quick to most actions like friend requests on facebook, mail reading, and checking notifications.

With the current technology each one needs to be digital and so you need to upgrade your phone using the latest version and facebook for every phone works very well because it is up to date, fast and effective to use.

Facebook for every phone once used can be very addictive because of its work, i mean good work.


  • Operation is fast while using it
  • Free to download and installed to phone
  • Available to all phone with internet connection


  • You cannot control image quality
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Am going to use the programe for communicating with friends and relatives.I will also use it as a platform of keeping m informed of what's happening around.Then i will share my feelings,thoughts and moments through my time line

  • Its super and awesome i think facebook is th most heplfull to the all people of world becoz we can post any thing or music .vedioes .software and onlind gameing etc

  • for chatting and dispatching information. It is also an avenue to learn and get latest news.through here, I can meet old friends and reunite our relationship as well share ideas

  • chatting with friends family,business communication playing music viewing videos texting friends,loved ones and much more people allover the world

  • Communicate with my friends, family and to meet new friend and downloading of picture to share the word of God through this medium thank u i appreciate

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used mobile Facebook but i lost it it was nice, clear, easy and fast i believe that this particular program will also give me the best service which is what i expected

  • i have used the following programs before now: Twitter, Google groups, Facebook, Two, LinkedIn, and other social media tools not listed here.

  • Yes i have used it in my nokia mobile.this is a new option to explore facebook.I opened my account from 2012 through opera mini,by using my mob no.

  • facebook has inspire an motivate me i want to download for easyment on reaching my family an friends across the world facebook is the easy way of communicating with ur love ones

  • The programs that i've once used are as follows: whatsApp and 2go but i also want to experince other social network besides those i've listed above.Thank you

What do you like most about this program?
  • Chatin wit my frnds i luv facebook alot bcus it mak mi feel happy wen i am lonly or feeling bored and it is d most popular social network wich u can use 2 interact wit frnds

  • Entertainment chatting uploading and downloading videos. talk to friend and like her picture with comment. Feel fresh on Facebook socializing meet to new friends .

  • sharing stories seeking dating and chatting with friends all over the world meeting with different college as and learning a lot of cultures frm

  • easy to use fro thi we can changes our pictures also use as writing messages it is the most easiest way oe communication by which we will call

  • I think this version should be more encouraged than other version and it makes someone to see his or her relatives an it is very fast in browsing at any time u which to browse


Facebook for Every Phone is an official freeware developed by the social network itself and dedicated to mobile devices, even smartphones, that can connect to the internet. Creating this app, Facebook wanted to include all users around the world in the Facebook experience. The developers have thought about more than 2.500 varying type of terminal with the creation and updating of this brilliant java application.

It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile; but also for Java-enabled mobile phones. This app enables users of conventional cellphones to access the social networking from anywhere and everywhere. With this idea, Facebook has entered in to a collaboration agreement with many global telephone companies in India, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal and Pakistan. This agreement is to give the user 90 days of free data specifically to try Facebook for Every Phone. The developer’s website offers a list of participating companies for each country.

Share with your friends how you feel
Share with your friends how you feel

How to use

This version of Facebook's website essentially provides the most popular characteristics and services found in the web-based version, such as Inbox, News Feed, Photos, View Profile, Notifications, update your Status and 'What's on your mind?', chat, etc. See what your friends are sharing, comment or Like their comments and everything else from your mobile phone.

Provides essentially the most popular characteristics and services of the web-based version

In the top of the News Feed option, the interface gives you quick links to facilitate access to check your Inbox, Invitations and Requests. See your friends' photos and Like them or leave a comment. Take a picture from your phone and upload it instantly. Continue updating your profile from anywhere and avoid feeling disconnected if you do not have access to a computer all the time.

See the News Feed
See the News Feed

Facebook for Every Phone 64.0 Features

Below you can find some of the really useful features of this app:

  • This app was designed to any kind of phone such as BlackBerry, also for conventional cellphones that can connect to the internet using 3G or Wi-Fi networks.
  • No limitations for phone carriers such as Telefonica, Aircel, Vodafone, Smartfren, Getjar and more.
  • This download is free and is available in some of most popular languages such as French, Italian, English or Chinese.
  • This version is like a smaller version of the web-based version and therefore it offers the most useful aspects of the social networking site: Notifications, Events, Status changes, News Feed, Chat, Apps, etc.
  • Quick Links to most significant actions. Check your Inbox, Requests of Invitations.
  • Simple visuals. The graphics are austere, with simple windows for thumbnails of your friends and basic icons.
  • Effective operation. Reduced and simple but not lacking and with fast international operation.
  • This is an official app. It gives you the security of being developed by Facebook and the certainty that you will always have the latest update.

If you want more information about this application before you download it, feel free to check the official website.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation are the following:

  • Operating System: Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and Java2ME
  • Internet enabled mobile phone