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Facebook for Every Phone 64.0

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By Kim Kiruma

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tired of waiting for your web browser on your computer to load so that you socialize? Face book is all

about presence and participation. Catching up has never been easy and convenient as downloading a

freeware, which is fast secure and above all genuine. Accessing your face book account and getting to

catch up anytime and anywhere is now in the power of your handset.

All you require is an internet enable phone to simply get started. Simply download the application run in

and get started. There is also another good side about this application it is smaller in capacity and offers

the most important aspects on face book thus requires less of your phone memory to run on. With this

comes the convenience of getting to login your inbox, instant messaging, getting your news feed,

uploading photos as well as getting your updates spot on.

With the quick links in place using face book has never been this easy to use. The graphics being austere

your pictures on any phone will be as good as they ought to be. Let’s all get our application and feel the

effective operations of this application.


  • Free download on any internet enabled phone.
  • Summarized version of all face book applications giving keen details to most important aspects of face book


  • Addiction due to it being on any internet enabled handset
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no matter the mobile phone that you have access facebook as long as you have internet

By Brian Mobimba

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

Facebook for every phone is an application or face book that has been developed for each and every mobile device as long as it has an internet connection.All you need is to download it from the internet and your phone has mobile data or you can be able to access a wifi hotspot then that is it.Though it differs in some phones in terms of the specifications that your mobile phone has in that if your mobile phone is of low quality in terms of camera and graphics then facebook for every phone will not be able to be clear and if your mobile phone is superb then that is it and you are good to go.

With the application you will be able to connect with your friends and family at any point or locality that you are in as long as you are having a mobile connection.You can never ever get disappointed as long as you have the application on your mobile device


  • minimal data is being used by facebook for everyphone
  • easy to install and set it up


  • works well on high spec mobile phone
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This is a mobile version of the world famous face book chat site

By Frank Kanyua

On Friday, October 10, 2014

Face book for every phone is one of the worlds most famous mobile application, its very easy to use and will save you time.. The app also logs you contact details and will notify you on who on your phone book has joined face book. The application isn't at all complex it offers messaging, wall updates, settings , notifications and some other features.. The application is also used by other game applications which require or offer on-line support from friends .. IE.. candy crush.. The application doesn't require a lot of data bundles in-order to connect not like the pc version..

The application can be installed on any android phone whether big or small. and can be uninstalled just as easily. The app can be set to give you message notifications even when you log out from the net. A message notifier is also enabled in the system , this is that you can invite any person to join face-book if they haven't joined yet.. If the person has joined you can send them a friend request just by the use of your phone book..

The experience with this app cant be defined by words only.. This is a must download since it offers more for less.. You can also upload instant photos which you have just taken.. The messaging sector also has imoji which can be added to any message you like..


This app is totally awesome and will save you a lot off struggle on-line. It has one of the easiest interfaces.. When a person is on-line they have a blue dot on their names, when you receive a notification or message it will be denoted by a number 1 or 2 or even 10 this differs according to the number of messages or notification....

so download the app and lets meet on-line..


  • Allows easy connection to friends
  • its 100% free of charge


  • requires strong internet connection .
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • advertising thing for my church and seeing my friends but no bad stuff because i am not that kind of person i just think that facebook is o

  • Its super and awesome i think facebook is th most heplfull to the all people of world becoz we can post any thing or music .vedioes .software and onlind gameing etc

  • We are in the informationhigway hence it is pivotal to inform others on happenings in our different surroundings.Informing my friends on diffeent issues

  • I will use facebook for chatting, being touched with my friends and relatives except the distance which we have, to share photos and status and know some suddenly happened incidents.

  • For communicating with friends all over the world,sending and receiving informations,searching for friend within and outside the country.save information

What similar programs have you used?
  • this is my first program i didn't use any before since i dont have phone before so i want to download facebook for every ohone app i donno it is genuine website or not

  • I really enjoy facebook,because the only way to send and receive message.That is why i prefer facebook as my favouride social media.Ilike you.

  • I love charting in facebooke,becaus it give me joy and happyness he help me to upload photos and meet my freinds for so long i have never see them

  • i have been on wechat mxit bbm whatsapp and tweert so like i think facebook is the best ever because you can tell people every thing about you they can know you better by posting pictures of yourself and get good advises

  • have used alots of programs like 2go,whatsapp,bbm,operamini.wechat,instagram,youtube,twitter and many more but i have facebook that is why i want to download it

What do you like most about this program?
  • it help me know things better and express my felling to the whole world and sometimes I fill so happy chating with my beloved ones wow it is so amazing

  • communicating with friends,i prefer much to share the gospel of God via facebook.meeting new people on social networks is a periority,i also love to be a cancellor and advicer of those ll be on ma list

  • i like d way videos play by its self, d stickers,and also wat u are feeling at dat moment .it fast in downloading video, pictures and sharing of links.no network problem

  • easy to use fro thi we can changes our pictures also use as writing messages it is the most easiest way oe communication by which we will call

  • very informative and easy to understand, even for a layman. at least some one is looking out for us less fortunate. carl le roux said this hoping the download is worth this writing


Facebook for Every Phone is an official freeware developed by the social network itself and dedicated to mobile devices, even smartphones, that can connect to the internet. Creating this app, Facebook wanted to include all users around the world in the Facebook experience. The developers have thought about more than 2.500 varying type of terminal with the creation and updating of this brilliant java application.

It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile; but also for Java-enabled mobile phones. This app enables users of conventional cellphones to access the social networking from anywhere and everywhere. With this idea, Facebook has entered in to a collaboration agreement with many global telephone companies in India, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal and Pakistan. This agreement is to give the user 90 days of free data specifically to try Facebook for Every Phone. The developer’s website offers a list of participating companies for each country.

Share with your friends how you feel
Share with your friends how you feel

How to use

This version of Facebook's website essentially provides the most popular characteristics and services found in the web-based version, such as Inbox, News Feed, Photos, View Profile, Notifications, update your Status and 'What's on your mind?', chat, etc. See what your friends are sharing, comment or Like their comments and everything else from your mobile phone.

Provides essentially the most popular characteristics and services of the web-based version

In the top of the News Feed option, the interface gives you quick links to facilitate access to check your Inbox, Invitations and Requests. See your friends' photos and Like them or leave a comment. Take a picture from your phone and upload it instantly. Continue updating your profile from anywhere and avoid feeling disconnected if you do not have access to a computer all the time.

See the News Feed
See the News Feed

Facebook for Every Phone 64.0 Features

Below you can find some of the really useful features of this app:

  • This app was designed to any kind of phone such as BlackBerry, also for conventional cellphones that can connect to the internet using 3G or Wi-Fi networks.
  • No limitations for phone carriers such as Telefonica, Aircel, Vodafone, Smartfren, Getjar and more.
  • This download is free and is available in some of most popular languages such as French, Italian, English or Chinese.
  • This version is like a smaller version of the web-based version and therefore it offers the most useful aspects of the social networking site: Notifications, Events, Status changes, News Feed, Chat, Apps, etc.
  • Quick Links to most significant actions. Check your Inbox, Requests of Invitations.
  • Simple visuals. The graphics are austere, with simple windows for thumbnails of your friends and basic icons.
  • Effective operation. Reduced and simple but not lacking and with fast international operation.
  • This is an official app. It gives you the security of being developed by Facebook and the certainty that you will always have the latest update.

If you want more information about this application before you download it, feel free to check the official website.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation are the following:

  • Operating System: Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and Java2ME
  • Internet enabled mobile phone