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One of the best web browsers for your mobile device

By Adam Nikki

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Opera Mini is a web browser developed by Opera Software and release for mobile platforms. Unlike other famous browser, this one gets all the content by a proxy that runs the layout engine of Opera. This way, the engine optimizes the pages to the size of the mobile's screen, so you can see all the content in the perfect size for your mobile.

At first, the earliest versions offered just a few features such as zoom, the horizontal adaptation, but with the latest updates, Opera Mini is one of the best browsers of today. Nowadays, the version Opera Mini 12 is available, and it includes the ability to have several tabs, speed improvements, better privacy options, and a new interface easier to use and optimized for touch-screen devices.

Apart from the basics, it has several functions such as the option Discover, with which you can get suggestions about news or other contents. You can organize everything in folders, including your Favorites, your bookmarks, etc. Opera Mini helps you save data; it has an Off-road mode to make you use less data, but with the same speed. Finally, you can even manage your downloads thank to the download manager. It allows you to start, stop, save and change the name of the files at will, so you can have everything organized.


  • Opera Mini is quite fast
  • It can run in almost every kinf of device


  • It is not as good as other mobile browsers
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By Jackson Muoka

On Friday, June 5, 2015

With over 300 million users worldwide in 2013, Opera Mini has gained popularity among mobile users in the world. Developed by Opera Software this is arguably one of the best mobile device web browse app in the world. It comes for free and it blends so well with other opera products including Opera Mail. What makes opera mini a wonderful browsing app is its browsing speed and its easiness to use.

Opera Mini comes with an easy and user friendly interface making it very easy to use. This web app is compatible with iOS, BlackBerry, Sumbian, J2ME and Windows operating systems and require very little space to install. Quick access to your favorite content Quick access to your favorite content

Opera Mini comes in different languages including English, French and Chinese. It has the power to keep browsing history and is compatible with both Opera Next and Opera mail. This app comes with a multi-tab which allows users to open more than one web page at the same time


  • • It offers high speed browsing speed
  • • This browser requires little space to install
  • • Available in a variety of languages


  • • Available for only internet enabled phones
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Enjoy the features of this Web Browser App straight from your smartphone

By Ivy Paloma

On Monday, April 7, 2014

After getting my new smartphone, I learned that Opera Software recently developed a new application that will enable smartphones to have Internet access. Opera Mini, a portable web browsing application, allows users like me to go on websites and enjoy the Internet. With its great features and increased internet browsing speed, Internet users will never have a problem looking for a device which has good and fast web browsing properties.

I find Opera Mini plain yet powerful. Once I installed it in my smartphone, I immediately had quick access to the Internet. Its interface is not that different from the Opera desktop browser itself. Aside from the fact that this web browsing app produces good browsing speed, it can also be downloaded for free.

For me, Opera Mini is a better option if compared to other web browsing applications like Mozilla Firefox. It is fast and absolutely free. Internet users who are conscious about their data consumption will like this app. It also works well with Opera Mail and other established Opera products.

From its functionalities to its additional features and fast browsing capabilities, this is an application that people with smartphones will desire to have. Truly, Opera Mini is one of the best products that only Opera Software could offer.


  • It has faster internet browsing
  • This application works for every mobile device
  • Save more money due to low data consumption
  • Synchronization between different mobile devices


  • This application does not support extensions
  • Most programs can also do the functionalities
  • Difficulty of launching Youtube videos
  • Does not have Flash or even HTML5




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to use opera mini to search acdamic things and to get information about latest events of the word. now currently I am using this to apply in a Scholarship program

  • as search engine from the web being a researcher .opera mini has been found to be a fast and virus free engine .pls should one write what is not needful

  • Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.


  • For browsing with speed and efficiency. Especially for soccer news, world headlines, entertainment, tennis, basketball and any other topical issues. Opera mini saves on money.

What similar programs have you used?
  • firefox,google,tigre,super,legend.they re not as good as opera mini. opera is the best browser so far i have ever seen in my life browsing so

  • uc browser yeah i used taht all the time but i was curious about opera mini and ive also tried chrome for some time but its too complicated thats why iwant to download

  • opera classic and other programs but they are not efficient enough but i hope with me downloading this new app i think it will do me a great favour

  • For internet browsing, I have been using the google chrome program for the last couple of years. But now it is too slow to use on my windows.

  • opera mini has gone wild compared to other browsing applications on the market. Its the fastest especially on music and movies downloading using latest phones. Put this version to test.

What do you like most about this program?
  • multilplicit in nature and easy to use on the internet fast and consistent will be good for download and multimedia and multiples operations especially on android is phone

  • its interesting and i love everything about it more than any other browsers it make me happy and it is the fastest browser i have ever seen or experienced

  • it is fastest browse. it can also help one to do his operation in faster way.Another thing it is attractive, this because it contain colours which are smart. operamini it has all application of phones and many others

  • Easy to navigate and pretty fast and I like the opera links I had dolphin before for the flash but it crashed allt of the time so good old op

  • easy research any website and it very important for people use it easier than other program .it also a freeware to download that not charge money


Opera Mini is predominantly a mobile device web browser app. Developed by Opera Software, this is the Opera browser's little brother, but it has quickly gained an excellent reputation thanks to the enhanced web browsing speed, helped by its multiple shortcuts and a well organize address bar. Opera Mini is completely free and works well along side other Opera products such as Opera Mail, while functioning extremely well on any device where you have installed it.

In 2013, Opera reported it had 300 million Opera Mini unique users all over the world, placing it up there with Android, IOS and Windows browsers. Thanks to its unique features and smooth performance, Opera Mini has become a great option for all of you who need a faster web browser or who have problems finding space for apps. The best news is that it has a freeware license, it is very easy to install, and once installed you can immediately start using it.

Modern and stylish look
Modern and stylish look

How to use

Once you install Opera Mini, you will notice how user-friendly it is. The interface is very intuitive and is full of shortcuts to improve your internet surfing experience. As we said before, Opera Mini enhances browsing speed; it does this by accessing websites through Opera servers. That process pre-compresses the information before you receive it, so our devices just loads the minimum amount of data required, speeding up the loading time by a factor of three, while to further speed up loading times, it is possible to set the image resolution quality between “Low”, “Medium” or “High”.

The web browser with a speed you won't expect, and functionality you will love

Thanks to the cross-platform support, it is possible to synchronize your data whenever you need it, so now it is possible to continue working with the same information on your PC, tablet or smartphone with Opera Mini, with no loss of information. Manage and organize your favorite links and to help you keep track of useful websites, you can simply and easily capture every website with just a click, while downloads are also also easy to control and can be paused and resumed whenever we want.

Opera Mini is suitable for iOS, BlackBerry, Sumbian, J2ME and Windows when using this latest version, while Opera is working on a new release called Opera “ICE” that will increase the speed of the browser's principal functions by seven times. Opera Mini is a good option as a principal internet browser on your devices, particularly for those of you with space problems or bad data connections. The latest app version is available online and, as mentioned, has a freeware license.

Quick access to your favorite content
Quick access to your favorite content

Opera Mini 14.0.0 Features

Check out the latest features of Opera Mini:

  • Modern and stylish layout
  • Search and surf on the net more easily than with other browsers
  • Multiple language support
  • Retain browsing records for later review
  • Multiplatform synchronization
  • Quick access to your favorite content
  • Improve slow connection navigation
  • Compatible with Opera next and Opera Mail

For more information about Opera Mini before downloading it, check out the developer’s website .

System requirements

Before downloading Opera Mini, please check the following minimum system requirements:

  • Phone system: iPhone, Blackberry and Palm
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive space: 30MB free HDD space
  • Internet connection

  • Totally free
  • One of the most powerful browsers for any device
  • Is customizable and packed with plenty of options
  • It only supports Google search on the quick search bar