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Enhance your photo editing work with this improved and amazing new version of Adobe Photoshop CS5

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Thursday, February 12, 2015


This is a new adobe version in the market for photo and image editing it is referred as the pinnacle of the creativity because it comes up with amazing improved tools and functions that enhance your performances as compared to other versions. It is the most improved program to work with for editing your photos and leave them with no traces of the original. All this is made possible with the availability of new 64-bit online support. It has been regarded as the best photo image for over 20 years and it still stands as the best.

This version is similar to previous versions you can work with it without noticing any change the layout is the same when you install in your computer; the only difference with others is that it is very improved its workflow is perfect and smooth. It contains many tools that carry out your commands perfectly.

Adobe photo shop CS5 is made up of three parts, Adobe bridge the main photo manager, Camera Raw a plug-in for Raw format and Photoshop. They work perfectly together.

Most of the tools in this version are designed for professional and amateur photographers. They include, HDR, Content Aware, Camera Raw 6, Len corrector, puppet Warp among others. They all work towards editing, like HDR tools, they are more enhanced easy retouching and precisely selecting contours. The most vital tool among all this is content –Aware it is able to delete objects and feel the empty space with a matching background effect. All this tools helps you modify elements and manipulate pictures easily creating wonderful images.

Camera Raw 6 allows you to import photographs from digital camera directly, allows better file management and supports more than 275 digital camera models. With it you can import JPEG and TIFF with high resolution. It is able to correct issues like fixing of distorted images from lens already used to be more realistic than the original without losing quality.

With the availability of CS live, CS5 photoshop manages your photos albums and you can as well upload your local pictures to your personal online space. Try this one today it is the most stable, smother and reliable version


  • More advanced tools for editing
  • Produce appealing photos of high quality


  • Designed specifically for professional use
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

In some cameras, in some devices you will find the image quality of some photos is not quite clear or they need some enhancement to depict something or even beauty. This application will modify pictures without changing its edges and replace them to a desired look. In the past people have complained of their photos being edited to what they are not all in the work of Photoshop.

The colour content of photos is enhanced and you can easily edit photos by your own by designing them to the desired look since it has a redefined digital image and photo editing tools. The application has three parts which are the Adobe Bridge, the Camera Raw and the photoshop.Mainly most people are quite aware of the Photoshop.

In order to have this app in your device then it is advisable to have an internet connection, a Ram of at least 1GB,a graphic card of 1024*768 display, a hard drive space of 1GB.But the best thing it has tutorials online and so it makes it easier for you to use it since it can be difficult to use if you don’t know about it.


  • The tools are quite interesting in editing photos.
  • It transform images to good quality photos.


  • It is quite expensive to install. It is complicated for beginners
  • It is complicated for beginners
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Experience the New Upgrades and New Tools of Adobe Photoshop CS5

By Christine Diaz

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 is a software for photo editing that was developed by Adobe. I can say this software is the most flexible photo editing software that Adobe has created. This is used commonly to fix several photos and to add simple filters. This version is available for Windows and Mac systems.

Cs5 has new upgrades and new tools for current versions. It has GPU accelerated functions to make your work easier. This latest version of Photoshop contains more improvements that will surely make users of the previous version to consider an upgrade. A new feature of this software is remarkable, but other equally important improvements includes new selections of tools like new painting tools, improved HDR image feature and most importantly for photographers, new noise reduction algorithms & very improved Camera Raw processing.

This software was also designed for professional work, too. They use this for digital painting. This is the most popular image editor, and if you want to know more about in this software, online tutorials are available that you can try to check out.


  • Online tutorials can teach you most complex uses
  • The new tools are very useful


  • This software is quite expensive
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • im designing visiting card for my personal data and im looking for some business from ur side please help me in this regard and do the needfull

  • personal image editing_The website you are trying to access is classified as: Internet Security Threats has been blocked by SafeSurf Online. If you have been given a password, enter it below to continue surfing

  • i am used adobe photoshop cs5 in personal photos are editing and learned something in new, it is used to create more creativity and effects.

  • to Design and edit graphics for the wedding card of a friend which is due in two months and there is no other better software which can do this

  • for editing photos for our school project and mor this application is very important and it can helps me from all of my projects and more thats my answer

What similar programs have you used?
  • no i havent used any of such softwares previously. this is the first time i am about to usesuch a photo editing software. kindly give me acess

  • i beg to say that i am shafring from fiver so anable to cam to school plz grand me live for tow days home use only madar chod lawde ke baal j

  • i hav never used any photoshop stuff . this is the first time im goin to use sumthng lyk tis.for editing hope it will hv a lot og fun n i will enjoy

  • I have used Photo Shop express editing but I can't seem to use it very well because the program will just close immediately when I click the icon on the desktop

  • for education purrposefd not any other relating occer so giveme permission of download of cs5 in my pc. that is help to improve tjhe picture

What do you like most about this program?
  • Beacause it is very helpfull and makes life easy. I am an interior designer and photoshop helps me in so many ways. It is was give hat final finish to the result.

  • Ultimately cool and has massive help on my creativity by using this photo shop of course.It has lots of features that anyone can have fun with.

  • everything in phtoshop is so nice that I can make simple things into a very beatiful and of course because of it I can make my project easily

  • iam follwing multimedia design subject. so i need u know every tools and study well photo shop. then i will get good results fo rthis subject

  • Its nice to practice editing. Editing makes the image or picture more beautiful. Photoshop will surely be a big help for us beginners thanks


Adobe Photoshop CS5 redefines digital image editing thanks to a large number of new tools and functions. The quantity and quality of additions allow this new version to improve workflow, and thanks to the Creative Suite, your work using the Adobe Suite will be smooth and seamless. The new 64-bit online support will do the rest.

As usual, the program is divided into three parts: Adobe Bridge (photo manager), Adobe Camera RAW (plug-in for RAW format) and Photoshop. The three parts work perfectly together and are probably the best options you can find available right now. After 20 years, Adobe’s flagship is still on the top in this genre, and it seems that it will continue for some years to come.

The interface is very similar to the CS4 version, and that’s good news for those users that are used to this way of working. The workflow has been improved as well as most of the formerly available tools, keeping the same essence that turned Photoshop into the main professional photo editing software. In general terms, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be considered as the pinnacle of the Creative Suites, not only because of the functions included by default but also by the multiple tools that can be added later for free with additional plugins.

Use the high number of functions at your disposal
Use the high number of functions at your disposal

How to Use

Once we install the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 on our computer, it will seem no different to previous versions. The layout is basically the same as CS4, just more organized, so you will have to start working with it to notice the changes. The mask tool, for example, is now more precise when you need to select complex contours. Also after CS2's success, HDR tools were enhanced for easy retouching and to make images more realistic with a better chromatic touch and no ghost halo.

Adobe is creating, step-by-step, a very interesting Suite where all its programs will work together and complement each other in the creation and design process

The range of tools is focused on professional users. Puppet Warp, for example, will let you manipulate picture cells quite easily when creating great publicity images. The Lens Corrector will improve professional photographers’ pictures, swiftly deleting any light noise and camera lens aberrations. However, the most important tool included in Adobe Photoshop CS5 is probably Content-Aware. This is quite an interesting tool, able to delete objects and fill the empty space with a matching background effect.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is not the most revolutionary version ever seen, but it seems like a very acceptable product overall. Adobe is creating step-by-step,very interesting Suite where all its programs will work together and complement each other in the creation and design process. The competition amongst the top 5 image editors is quite fierce with the newest Coreldraw and Gimp versions now on the market and the new Lightroom coming soon. It would seem that even the most famous picture editors have no reserved seats.

Manage the color saturation of your pictures
Manage the color saturation of your pictures

Content Aware Fill

This massive tool presents a whole new world of possibilities the first time you have your hands on it. Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want. The grateful surprise comes when you start working with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and discover that, with this new tool, you will save a lot of time in erasing or modifying elements without leaving overly noticeable traces on the original picture. The Content Aware Fill solution will, as its name suggets, fill the blank area that an element would leave behind with the same pattern of the picture’s background.

Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows the users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want

It comes very handy for simple replacements, but where it really stands out is helping the user with deep modifications. Refining an image for making it perfect in each sense of the word may take too much time. For this reason, the inclusion of the Refine Edge is important, since it makes possible to fix fuzzy edges much more quickly than before. In addition, thanks to the Smart Radius function you can make an automatic selection much more accurately than with manual tools; perfect for irregular silhouettes with detailed borders.

In this same section there has been an additional tool included that allows an advanced method for modifying photos: Puppet Warp. This new function makes easier to reshape and overlap different parts of the figure. Although it provides interesting possibilities, it is very difficult to use for professional photography if the user wants to create realistic human figures, but if you want to apply distortion on purpose or only move a limb, this tool is very suitable.

Modify each part of the figure individually with Puppet Warp
Modify each part of the figure individually with Puppet Warp

Camera Raw 6

Specially designed for professional and amateur photographers, Camera Raw 6 acts as a plug-in that allows the user to import pictures from a digital camera directly. This software allows, in addition to better file management, for retouching the original pictures with better noise reduction, amongst other effects. Camera Raw 6 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 supports more than 275 digital camera models with different technologies. This way you can import TIFF and large JPEGs with high resolution and RAW formats to exponentially enhance the final result.

Among the advantages of using Camera Raw 6, instead of other kind of additional software, is that the camera profiles are automatically incorporated in the plugin. Thanks to this, once you have loaded the profile of your digital camera, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can correct some of the usual issues with these kinds of cameras. For example, using Lens Correction you will fix image distortion from the lens that has been used, providing an image much more realistic than the original, without losing quality in the process. Using this feature you can make the most of your own photography equipment by combining it with the possibilities granted by this software.

Correct your own pictures taken with your camera thanks to Lens Correction
Correct your own pictures taken with your camera thanks to Lens Correction

Management and Performance

This Photoshop CS5 takes a step further towards the total integration how you manage your personal photo albums with the addition of CS Live directly from the application. Thanks to this feature, you can manage your local pictures and upload them to your personal online space as well as accessing to free tutorials from Adobe experts and utilize a forum where the Photoshop community gathers for offering advice and solving problems.

Adobe has put some effort in giving this version more stable and reliable software

The Mini Bridge included in this CS5 version allows the user to manually manage your folders and pictures that are in your own computer. This way you can access all your pictures directly from the application without having to exit the program to your local folder explorer. Although it may seem not so useful since this Mini Bridge isn’t an impressive feature, the truth is that it saves you lots of time when you need to access several pictures thanks to the customization options it offers.

Adobe has put some effort in giving this version more stable and reliable software, though in truth the previous one didn’t offer too many troubles. With CS5, the overall performance has been improved in exchange for a longer launching startup time. For those users that will work with CS5 in its native 64-bits version, they will notice that the program runs a lot smoother demonstrating that the developers have focused on this aspect.

Create your own version of a photo
Create your own version of a photo

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features

This is a trial download version. Feel free to check the full version's latest features to check the popularity of this program:

  • Enhanced Quick Selection tool that offers an intelligent way for retouching picture’s elements much faster than with manual functions
  • HDR Pro support adds a new technical color treatment with additional presets offering high quality results
  • Better workflow and quicker system performance making this CS5 version a comfortable Photoshop edition
  • Improvements regarding the Content Aware Healing tools for retouching pictures without leaving traces of the previous version behind
  • New Camera RAW support that automatically enhances pictures taken by one of the 275 digital camera models supported
  • Black-and-white conversion has been enhanced, offering new presets and an improved performance
  • New Puppet Warp that allows the user to move or resize parts of a figure in a picture
  • Large number of new brushes that allows compositing a new project from scratch using Adobe Photoshop CS5 as the primary tool
  • 64-bit support that not only enhances the performance of the software but also the final results
  • Extended compatibility with JPEG and TIFF formats for working with high quality files for impressive results
  • Interesting 3D tools to work with After Effects and other applications from Adobe like Lightroom

For more information about the product and to get free online tutorials before downloading the free trial version, please check the developer’s website .

Photoshop plug-ins you will need

The following are freeware Photoshop plugins for photographers, illustrators and graphic and web designers. Stop your search… they really work!

  • Perfect Effects Free : 73 photo effects to be used and mixed for Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and even as a standalone app. Stylize images in the most versatile and easy way. Control the blending, painting and masking and get a retro effect for your pictures. Just install it and access Perfect Effects 4 through Window > Extensions > onOne.
  • 3D Shadow : create different types of 3D shadows from letters, shapes and other kinds of forms. Easy to use, control transparency, perspective, color and X/Y/Z position and angles. Get the viewers’ attention with this efficient plug-in.
  • Pixel Bender Plugin : get an Oilpaint effect and transform photographs into oil painting images. Use the few simple sliders and start to play with brushes' size, scale or even amount of stylization. The GPU support (part of the Pixel Bender technology) will make the adjustments faster and smoother than before.
  • Mr. Stacks : create storyboards and presentations in few simple steps. Just choose your images, presentation size and format and this plug-in will automatically organize your file in different pages or as a proper storyboard.
  • GuideGuide : stop dealing with annoying grids. This plug in will create pixel-accurate rows, columns, baselines and midpoints with the click of a button. Multiple types of measurements are supported and can be saved for repeated use.
  • Stereogram Lab Filter v1.0 generate the always surprising image stereograms with this plug-in. Stereogram Lab Filter can very be easy to control and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • ICO Format : as easy as it sounds. Create Windows icons and save them in its format (.ico). Manage your software, favourites and shortcuts with a unique style.

To download the plug-ins, just download the files from its developer’s websites, then open Photoshop and select Edit>Preferences>Plugins. Right after that, a screen will pop-up. Select the Additional Plug-Ins Folder and click Choose. Pick the plug-in file, accept and restart Photoshop. Our plug-ins will be safety installed and ready to be used.

System Requirements

Before downloading Adobe Photoshop CS 5, please check if your computer has the following minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP with the Service Pack 3 installed or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
  • RAM: at least 1GB
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 1GB for the installation.
  • Graphic Card: 1024x768 display with OpenGL graphic adapter. 16bits and 256MB VRAM
  • Some GPU graphic functions may require Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL 2.0 compatibility
  • QuickTime 7.6.2 is a must for some multimedia functions
  • Broadband connection is necessary for free online services

  • Content-Aware Fill works
  • Good number of online tutorials to help you make the most of the program
  • The new tools are quite interesting…
  • …but maybe quite professionally focused
  • The program is getting bigger and more resource-hungry
  • It is quite expensive